Baselock: The new multi-gun safety storage device

Armatix Baselock offers end-to-end security logistics for small and large stocks of arms. The intelligent stationary system secures all short guns – including their magazines – and connects them to centralized monitoring processes upon request.

Depending on the requirements, the holders can be mounted on a table, wall or floor in buildings, cars or special purpose vehicles of all kinds. The individual modules are set in a row, but each weapon is locked individually.

Baselock modules can be used in any number and in any combination with one another; every gun is secured individually. Individual removal is only possible after entry of a unique PIN code or via fingerprint or contactless transponder activation. The entire stock of arms can be removed following centralized or decentralized release using a group code 


Armatix Baselock modules can be combined in any way and mounted in any way required. Especially interesting for practical use: It is possible to secure guns with loaded magazines. In the case of an incident, the guns are released within seconds, the ammunition chambered and the guns are ready for use immediately.


The gun is placed on an Armatix blocking device integrated in a Baselock module and locked by applying slight pressure. The technology makes it possible to combine guns with different calibers in one Baselock module group. Intelligent — Baselock modules or module groups can be linked to individually adapted IT applications. This opens up completely new dimensions for the user with regard to management as well as monitoring and tracking individual guns or entire stocks of arms. Networked systems offer an opportunity to control centralized authorizations and gun releases. In this way, it is possible to track and document who used which gun when and for how long. Guns that are overdue and not brought back within the time specified automatically set off a predefined alarm.


Seperate Location

Wall Mounting

Multiuser Location

Baselock Network