The day-to-day use of handguns is a matter of course for millions of people today as never before in history. The time has come for Armatix. This pioneer in the field of gun safety is the first and only solution provider worldwide with state-of-the-art technology.


In practically all aspects of life – in, for example, entertainment electronics, automotive and medical technology, telecommunications and machine control – the very latest electronics ensure the utmost in safety and user benefits. Only in the case of handguns are safety systems still in use today that date back to before the invention of the lightbulb.

Armatix shifts the issue of gun safety to the 21st century. The company, headquartered in Unterföhring near Munich, combines the know-how of SimonsVoss, the European market leader in the sector of electronic lock systems with the experience of using these systems to secure handguns.

The result

Intelligent mechatronic systems for securing short and long barreled weapons, individually and collectively. What these systems all have in common is the authentication of the authorized user via PIN code, biometric pattern or transponder. The future is here!