Quicklock: The first mechatronic gun safety The new multi-gun safety storage device

No gun cabinet, armory, trigger lock or mechanical assembly can do this: secure a gun with absolute reliability anytime, anywhere, for any reason and in next to no time. Only Quicklock from Armatix can, the first mechatronic gun safety mechanism since the creation of firearms.


Quicklock secures almost all conventional handguns, revolvers and rifles at home, at police stations, in barracks, at security headquarters, at firing ranges or during transportation. Arms secured using Quicklock are regarded as so safe that shipping and storing guns together with their ammunition is basically unobjectionable. Nevertheless, regional regulations and laws must be observed in all cases. 


Quicklock consists of two components: a mechatronic blocking device and a  digital key. The blocking device sized to correspond to the caliber is manually inserted into the cartridge chamber. The application of slight pressure causes it to lock automatically and in this way secures the weapon from within. To release the mechanism, a link is established between the digital key and the blocking device. After authorization using a PIN code or fingerprint, the digital key transmits the release data to the blocking device. It is then possible to remove the device from the gun without any trouble. The locking and release process takes only fractions of a second.  Armatix blocking devices are available for all calibers conventionally available on the market. 

The programming of the digital key and blocking device can be changed any number of times. If secured guns are shipped together with a digital key, the corresponding code can be encrypted and sent separately to the addressee.


For handguns, you push the control unit and the locking element together and insert the locking element into the barrel, giving it a quick push to lock it.

Breakdown Guns

Long guns are locked by inserting the locking element into the cartridge chamber by hand as you would do with the cartridge. Using the control unit, you can remove the locking element.

repeater and
automatic weapons

There are also differnet long gun control units with a curved adaptor for repeater and semi-automatic weapons.

locking element

There is a wide range of calibers to suit both, handguns and long guns.