Intelligent mechatronic systems

The so-called blocking device serves as the basis for all retrofit-friendly locking systems from Armatix. The mechatronic assembly is made up of high-precision mechanical components and an electronic controller. The size of the blocking device corresponds exactly to the caliber of the weapon it is to secure.

The element is inserted into the barrel of the gun and slight pressure is applied to automatically block without any further action needed in the cartridge chamber.


The process is completed within fractions of a second and is irreversible without the appropriate authorization. The gun is secured in the gun itself. Using this type of safety mechanism, weapons can be stored or transported together with the ammunition – it is impossible to load a cartridge in this secure state! 


With an Armatix blocking device in the cartridge chamber, the gun is more effectively protected against misuse than in the gun cabinet. Nothing and no one can remove the blocking device from the cartridge chamber ever again – any attempt involving force would destroy the barrel of the gun. Authorized users must first authenticate themselves via a digital key to remove the blocking device, e.g. by entering a programmable PIN or by means of an electronically stored fingerprint.


After the authorized person enters the release PIN, the digital key and the blocking device exchange encrypted data. All in all, releasing the safety mechanism takes only slightly longer than securing the weapon. Top-grade safety is this fast and easy! 


  • Quicklock

    The first mechatronic gun safety mechanism worldwide.

  • Baselock

    The new multi-gun safety
    storage device.


Securing inherited arms in compliance with legal german requirements.