It is said that mechanical innovation in revolvers, handguns and rifles has been all but exhausted, and this has been the case for decades now. Any progress will and can only be electronic in nature. In this regard, Armatix is at the pinnacle of a development that will revolutionize how people use guns.

There is hardly a global mass-produced product in existence today that does not rely on smart electronics.

These days, handguns definitely belong to the mass-produced product sector. There is no doubt that smart electronics will go on to conquer this sector. Legislators in many countries are working on binding provisions to pave the way for new technologies. Armatix’s mechatronic solutions for securing handguns, revolvers and rifles are already charting the course that the entire industry will follow in the years to come. The advantages in terms of safeguarding shooters and their environment are much too obvious to be disregarded on a wider front in the near future.

In addition to safety, however, it is primarily the increase in efficiency that is making weapons with integrated electronics attractive to their owners and leaders. Once equipped with chip-based intelligence, weapons and weapon systems can be networked with computers. In this way, it will be possible to log the use of arms and ammunition in detail, flexibly control this use, and evaluate it in multiple dimensions. One glance at Baselock, Quicklock and Smart System (iP1, iP9, TRS) from Armatix makes it clear today what guns and gun safety will look like tomorrow. And what’s more: the future of the weapon is already a reality at Armatix.